Yves’ music was so very beautiful and healing

Today, 22nd of June, I flew from London to Geneva in the morning to do the beautiful joint event with the Certified Hado Instructor Yves Ruhlmann.
Yves’ music was so very beautiful and healing. Amazing thing is that he is an intuitive musician, so he plays without any preparation with images of beautiful water crystals of “compassion “, “love and gratitude”, “happiness”, and “harmony”. His music was absolutely beautiful! I was so very grateful to be there.
After my presentation and Yves’ concert, we all went to the lake and did water ceremony with more than 50 people! I’m so touched that so many people came. I want to say thank you so much especially to the beautiful friend , Claire-Lise who helped arrange all of this with pure heart. Thank you so much everyone who came today💧🙏😊❤️